About us

Our strong support to the talents in the music industry is entirely backstage where we are concerned with collections and payments to the rights holders when their music is used.

We provide administrative services to the music copyright industry, and we do this in a transparent, reliable and cost efficient manner.

The company – since 2012 (A joint venture)

Network of Music Partners is a joint venture company. We are owned by PRS for Music and Nordic Copyright Bureau (NCB). NCB is the Nordic and Baltic regions’ mechanical copyright society and PRS for Music is the copyright society for mechanical and performing rights in the United Kingdom.

Administration made simple.

Invoicing for the use of music and the distribution for the collected royalties is a complex administrative process. We focus on making it lean, simple and cost efficient for our customers and ultimately their members.

Our product

With the expertise of our employees and an intelligent IT system we have an efficient way of delivering our services. Our IT system is called “Bifrost” and was originally tasked to handle both the administration of offline and online rights in the eight countries of the Nordic-Baltic region. Constantly kept up-to-date, this system has been refined further to encompass the UK and Dutch market conditions and the ability to act as a collecting entity for central licensing agreements.

Our arena

NMP handles the back-office activities in the UK offline market, the Nordic-Baltic offline markets, the Nordic-Baltic online markets and the Dutch online markets.

Front-office activities like licensing and member services remain with the national societies.

News and press releases

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