About NMP

For the talented songwriters and composers and our great respect for the professions involved, NMP provides copyright services to the music industry in collaboration with various collecting societies.

Simply said, we ensure that money is collected and distributed so the correct rightsholders get paid when their music is used.

We work backstage as a small agile and cost-efficient organisation.

Offline services

Our team makes sure that money is collected and that the rightsholders get paid when music products like CDs and DVDs are produced and sold. NMP handles all back office activities in the UK and the Nordic offline markets.

Online services

When music transactions are made online, NMP makes sure digital service providers (such as Spotify, Apple Music and YouTube) are invoiced so the rightsholders get paid for identified music used online. NMP manages all back-office activities for 4 collecting societies in the Nordic region (in collaboration with ICE operations).

Business Expertise

We offer business expertise in customer strategic projects and/or in customer analysis.

We actively participate in international forums ensuring standardising such as DDEX continues to reduce undesired complexity now and in the future.

Business Intelligence

Our team provides ad hoc reporting and analysis to collecting societies enabling them to make strategic decisions based on data, facts and trends.

NMP in numbers

Transparent services for 6 societies, supporting +6 currencies, using ICE works data, with +40 employees in 2 locations, Since 2012

“Network of music partners really understands how our business operates and is always willing to work with us to provide effective licensing solutions and continuously improve processes.”

Andy Provan, Head of Recorded Media, PRS for Music